My time in Guatemala is limited to a week exploring the area around Flores, northeast to Tikal, as shown on the map below.


I flew into Flores from Belize City.  That flight was the first time that I had good views of cenotes and the ones which I saw were the classic round lakes of blue in a sea of green.

From airport immigration (a card table in a hanger) it was a cheap taxi ride to the ancient Mayan ruins at Tikal.  For most of a week I wandered the grounds of the site - day and night.  From there, I headed south to visit cave systems south of Flores and to the villages along the edges of Lake Petén Itzá.

There were several food stands near the entrance to Tikal and it was at one of those that I first encountered the wonderful grilled chicken and fries which is typical of this part of the world.  It added to the mystic that the lighting was from christmas tree lights.  That mystic was diminished somewhat the day I was recording at a rather dingy pond and a pickup from the restaurant showed up with a pump to pump water into fifty-five gallon drums.

Sitting on top of a pyramid watching the sun go down, or come up, is something that I recommend for everyone.

A long form video of this trip is found below.


Amazon, Red-lored (framegrab below)

Hummingbird, Green-fronted nest

Jacana, Northern

Tiger-Heron, Bare-throated

Toucan, Keel-billed

Parrot, Red-lored 1

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