I served two and a half years of my military life in Italy.  Photographs from my life there, and from the Vatican and San Marino, are found in the Italy photo gallery.


While in the Army, I spent most of my time in the Southern European Task Force (SETAF).  I was stationed in Vicenza.  While at the Pima Air and Space Museum in Arizona, USA, I ran across the SETAF insignia (dress version).  98% of the time we wore the green and black (subdued battle version) of this insignia and took great pride that it was the only insignia in the US Army which said Peace (Pax).


I lived for two and a half years in Vicenza, Italy while I was in the US Army.  It was easy to hop the train and spend a few hours in Venice just about any time I wanted.  I loved the city, especially in the winter - when the tourists were few, and prowled its tourists sites, its back alleys, and its waterways.

I especially liked to stand in the balcony in St. Mark’s Cathedral during the winter.  There would be few people there and I would stand immersed in sound as the deep voice of the priest chanted Mass.  Although I didn’t understand the Mass I did absorb the mystic of the religious service and appreciated the effect the ceremony would have had on someone 900 years ago.



The Pieta is in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican.  And, the Vatican is not part of Italy. Hey, I included a couple of shots of San Marino in my Italy Gallery, as well.


I had enough time in Italy to cruise the countryside and to “museum-out” (as in, if this is Tuesday it must be...) my head.  I loved it all.  This photograph of The Pieta was taken before they put it behind bullet-proof glass.

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