British Museum

Chinese Lion (Shishi) With A Ball  
Created by Izumiya Tomotada
Late 1700’s or early 1800’s CE
Photographs on this page were taken on November 26, 2018
at the British Museum, London, England - Japanese Exhibit

Demon in the Guise of Priest Kuya
Late 1700’s - early 1800’s CE

Figures With Octopus 
1770-1800 CE

Commodore Perry’s Mission to Japan in 1854
By Hibata Osuke about 1858
Immediately Above and Two Below

Nobleman retainer with hawk 
1880-1900 CE

 Vase in the Shape of a Sponge Gourd
Created by Shoami Katsuyoshi 1889 CE
Photos immediately above and below

Mandarin Ducks In Snow
Okada Kakusen between 1830-1870 CE

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