Butterflies and Moths

An alphabetical listings of butterfly and moth photographs and videos, listings are by Scientific Name.   Red text are links.



Adelpha eulalia - Arizona Sister - Photographs from New Mexico, USA Adelpha eulalia - Arizona Sister - Video from Arizona, USA
Adelpha eulalia - Arizona Sister - Photographs from Arizona

Agraulis vanillae - Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia

Anartia fatima - Banded Peacock - Photograph from Jalisco, Mexico

Anthanassa (Phyciodes) texana - Texas Crescent - Seminole Canyon State Park, Texas

Ascalapha odorata - Black Witch - Photographs from New Mexico, USA

Asterocampa celtis - Hackberry Emperor - Photographs from New Mexico, USA

Atlides halesus - Great Blue Hairstreak - Photograph from New Mexico

Autochton cellus - Golden-banded Skipper - Photographs from New Mexico, USA


Battus philenor - Pipevine Swallowtail - Photographs from New Mexico
Battus philenor - Pipevine Swallowtail - Photographs from Arizona
Battus philenor
 - Pipevine Swallowtail - Photographs from Texas

Brephidium exile exile - Western Pygmy Blue - Photographs from Portal, Arizona


Cercyonis pegala - Common Wood Nymph - Photograph from Washington

Chrysoecia atrolinea - Photographs from Bloodgood Spring Road near Kingston, New Mexico, USA

Chlosyne lacinia - Bordered Patch - Photographs from New Mexico

Colias eurytheme - Orange Sulphur - Photographs from New Mexico

Cyllopsis pertepida - Canyonland Satyr - Photographs from New Mexico


Danaus gilippus - Queen - Photographs from New Mexico
Danaus gilippus - Queen - Photographs from Arizona
Danaus gilippus - Queen - Photographs from Texas
Danaus gilippus - Queen - Video from New Mexico, Oct. 2021

Danaus plexippus - Monarch - Video from South Carolina
Danaus plexippus - Monarch - Photograph from Maryland
Danaus plexippus - Monarch - Photograph from Florida
Danaus plexippus - Monarch - Photographs from Arizona

Dione vanillae - Gulf Fritillary - Photographs from St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

Donocopa laure - Silver Emperor - Photographs from Urique, Chihuahua, Mexico

Dryas iulia - Julia Heliconian - Photograph from Jalisco, Mexico


Echinargus isola - Mexican Blue (AKA Reakirt’s Blue) - Photographs from New Mexico, USA
Echinargus isola - Mexican Blue (AKA Reakirt’s Blue) - Photographs from Arizona - aka Hemiargus isola

Erynnis funeralis - - Photographs from New Mexico

Erynnis telemachus - Rocky Mountain Duskywing - Photographs from New Mexico, USA

Euptoieta claudia - Variegated Fritillary - Photographs from New Mexico

Eurema mexicana - Mexican Yellow - Photograph from New Mexico

Eurema nicippe - Sleepy Orange - Photographs from New Mexico
Eurema nicippe - Sleepy Orange - Photographs from Texas


Gyrocheilus patrobas - Red-Rim Satyr - Photographs from New Mexico


Hamadryas amphinome - Red Cracker - Video from Jalisco, Mexico

Heliconius charithonia vazquezae - Photographs from Jalisco, Mexico
Heliconius charithonia vazquezae - Video from Jalisco, Mexico

Hemaris diffinis - Rocky Mountain Clearwing - Photos from New Mexico

Hyles lineata - White-lined Sphinx Month - Photos from New Mexico


Junonia coenia - Buckeye - Photographs from New Mexico
Junonia coenia - Buckeye - Photographs from Texas


Leptostales rubromarinaria - Dark-ribboned Wave - Photographs from New Mexico, USA

Leptotes marina - Marine Blue - Photographs from New Mexico

Libytheana carinenta - American Scout - Photographs from Texas

Limenitis arthemis - Red-spotted Purple - Photographs from New Mexico
Limenitis arthemis - Red-spotted Purple - Photograph from Arizona

Litocala sexsignata - Photographs and video from New Mexico

LoxostegePhotographs from New Mexico


Manduca quinquemaculata - Five-spotted Hawkmoth (Caterpillar: Tomato Hornworm) - Photographs from New Mexico

Marpesia chiron - Many-banded Daggerwing - Video from Jalisco, Mexico

Marpesia petreus - Ruddy Daggerwing - Video from Jalisco, Mexico

Megisto rubricata - Red Satyr - Photograph from Arizona

Microtia eladaElada Checkerspot - Photographs from Portal, Arizona

Morpho p. polyphemus - White Morpho - Photographs from Jalisco, Mexico
Morpho p. polyphemusWhite Morpho - Video from Jalisco, Mexico


Nathalis iole -  Dainty Suphur - Photographs from New Mexico

Nymphalis antiopa - Morning Cloak - Photographs from New Mexico


Opsiphanes boisduvallii - Orange Owl-Butterfly - Photograph from Jalisco, Mexico


Pachysphinx occidentalis - Big Poplar Sphinx Photographs from New Mexico

Papilio cresphontes - Giant Swallowtail - Photographs from Sinaloa, Mexico

Papilio eurymedonPale Swallowtail - Photographs - Grassy Knoll, Southern Washington, USA - June 25, 2004
Papilio eurymedon - Pale Swallowtail - Photographs from Montana

Papilio multicaudata - Two-tailed SwallowtailPhotographs from New Mexico

Papilio palamedesLaurel Swallowtail - Photograph from St. Augustine, Florida

Papilio polyxenes - Black Swallowtail Photographs from New Mexico
Papilio polyxenes - Black Swallowtail Photographs from Arizona

Papilio rutulusWestern Tiger Swallowtail - Photographs from New Mexico

Parides montezuma - Montezuma’s Cattleheart - Video from Jalisco, Mexico

Phoebis sennae - Cloudless Sulphur - Photographs from New Mexico

Phyciodes pulchella (Phyciodes campestris) - Field Crescent - Photographs from New Mexico

Phyciodes texana, Texan Crescent, Mesa del Carmen, Baja California

Pieris rapae - Cabbage White - Photographs from New Mexico

Plebejus lupini - Lupine Blue - Photographs from New Mexico

Poanes taxiles - Taxiles Skipper - Photographs from New Mexico

Polygonia interrogationis - Question Mark - Photographs from New Mexico

Polygonia satyrus - Satyr Comma - Photographs from New Mexico

Pontia protodice - Checkered White - Photographs from New Mexico

Pontia sisymbrii - Spring White - Photographs from New Mexico

Pyrgus communis - Common Checkered Skipper - Photographs from New Mexico, USA


Speyeria atlantis - Atlantis Fritillary - Photograph from Washington

Speyeria callippe comstocki Callippe Fritillary - Cabin Lake Campground, Oregon

Speyeria hesperis - Northwestern Fritillary - Photographs from New Mexico, USA

Staphylus ceos - Golden-headed Scallopwing - Photographs from New Mexico, USA


Thorybes pylades - Northern Cloudywing - Photographs from New Mexico


Urbanus dorantesDorantes Longtail - Photographs from Baja California Sur during January 2023.


Vanessa annabella - West Coast Lady - Sawyers Peak Trail, Black Range, New Mexico

Vanessa cardui - Painted Lady - Photographs from New Mexico, USA (2 sets)
Vanessa cardui - Painted Lady - Photographs from Oregon
Vanessa cardui - Painted Lady - Photographs from Arizona

Vanessa virginensis - American Lady - Photographs from New Mexico


Zerene cesoniaSouthern Dogface - Photograph from Cave Creek, Chiricahua Mts. Arizona

Undetermined Species

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