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Pennant, Tawny (Belize - 2021) a

An alphabetical listings of photographs and videos of fauna not included in the other listings).  Listings are by Scientific Name.   If there is a time indicator (00:30) it refers to the time the species is first seen on the video.

Acanthocephala thomasi - Giant Agave Bug - Photos from New Mexico

Acmaeodera (bowditchi?) - Photographs from New Mexico

Agapostemon sp. - Metallic Green Bee - Photos from New Mexico

Agelenidae - Funnel Web Spider - Photos from New Mexico

Anax junius - Common Green Darner - Photos from New Mexico

Anthophora (sp.?) Digger Bee - Photos from New Mexico

Ants - Video recorded in Mexico
Ants - Video recorded in Mexico

Aphonopelma hentzi - Texas Brown Tarantula - Video from Texas 
Aphonopelma - Video of individual from east of Hillsboro, Oct 2021
Aphonopelma - Photographs from s. of Hillsboro, New Mexico
Aphonopelma madera - Photographs from Black Range, New Mexico

Atta - Leaf-cutter Ants, Video from Mexico

Bombus sonorus - Sonoran Bumble Bee - Video recorded in New Mexico - 2020

Camaridae - Crayfish - Video recorded in Tennessee 2012

Frontinella huachuca - Southwestern Bowl and Doily Spider - Hillsboro, New Mexico, December 2021

Gerridae - Water Strider - Video recorded in Arizona 2017

Limulus polyphemus - Horseshoe Crab - Video recorded in Mississippi in 1995

Ligia occidentalis - Western Sea Slater - Photographs from Loreto, Baja California Sur during January 2023.
Ligia occidentali - Western Sea Slater - Video from Loreto, Baja California Sur, January 2023

Mastigoproctus giganteus giganteus - Giant Vinegaroon - Video recorded in New Mexico 2015

Notonectidae - Backswimmer - Video recorded in New Mexico 2018

Plathemis lydia - Common Whitetail (dragonfly) - Calvert Cliffs State Park, Maryland, June 2023

Sympetrum corruptum - Variegated Meadowlark - Video recorded in New Mexico 2012

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